The contest


The Bocuse d’Or

Each team will be given 5hours and 35 minutes to serve two dishes with their own plating style. For each dish, they’re given a theme that they must respect. Aside from that, there are no mandatory cuisine nor style they must abide by.

5hours after they start, they must present to the jury the first dish with all servings plated on plates. They must also explain to the jury what was the idea behind the dish creation, from where they drew their inspiration and what the dish elements mean to them.

35 minutes later, they must plate the second theme but using a presentation tray this time. Here, their plating skills come in handy to make sure they create quite a “wow factor” plating up the second theme. This tray theme is usually the most sought-after by the audience and fellow chefs. There, the team can express fully their creativity and their skills to make food looks impressive while tasting good.

For both themes, they will be judged on plating and taste. The winner of the competition is the team with the highest score at the end of both themes.


The themes for Vietnam

This year, for Vietnam, all teams will have to come up with 6 servings per theme.

Keeping a link with the Vietnamese culinary culture, the first theme will be vegetables. Paying homage to both local products and the historical heritage of vegetarian food, competing teams are expected to use some Vietnamese ingredients at their best.

The second theme will be pollock fish (sponsored by Qwehli, from France). Fish was chosen as an image to second most-eaten protein in Vietnam. Fish is a delicate protein and teams will have to make sure they master their temperature and their cooking skills. It will also give them numerous options for sides and the opportunity to balance it with Vietnamese flavors.